Six Effective Time Management Tips


“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin

There is the  phrase “time is more valuable than money.” We’re living in a busy world, and the demands on our time often drag us in many directions at once.

Are you feeling like the clock runs out very fast on your daily plans? Check out these effective time management tips for maximizing your productivity and generate more value out of those extra daylight hours.

1)Planning Your Time and Prioritize

Practice 10 minutes each morning to plan how you would like to spend the time in your day. Start with lists for family, work, and yourself and then prioritize.

Don’t measure your success based on completing an entire list: complete the task based on priority, then use 10 minutes before you go to bed at night to review your progress and start thinking about the next day. By exercising this on your day, you’ll free from stress  like you’re not in control of your time and go to bed feeling a real sense of accomplishment.

2)Practice “One touch rule”

You already consider the cost-effectiveness of your shopping. What about considering the time-effectiveness of your actions? Before starting a task, consider if you’re using your time well and determine how much time will take to complete the task.

Once you’ve determined your time-effectiveness, follow ”one touch rule” Popular among productivity experts, the one-touch rule means you must be finished a task completely once you start it. No switching to a new task before  completion of former. The one-touch rule allows you to complete, let’s say, four big tasks by the end of the day instead of having ten incomplete tasks on your hands. Try it out – and don’t be hard on it, just relax and stick to  ”one touch rule”  !

3)Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is not only the thief of time; it is the thief of life.Even simple things as planning too much, taking long lunch-break, having too many breaks during the work, Planning but not putting into action your major goals in life etc, all are key signals of procrastination. To outperform your competition, both inside and outside your organization, you must practice the time management habit for moving quickly when something needs to be done. You must develop a reputation for speed and perfectness on your tasks.

Study after study shows that those persons with the best reputation for speed and perfectness are the most valued in any organization. They are very quickly promoted than others in the organization.

4)Take Advantage of Wait Times

Occasionally we will get free time! Whether it’s at the doctor’s office, in the grocery store or waiting for the bus, small wait times can add up to considerable hours wasted. Always keep a tablet,Cell phone or small notebook on hand to think of a project that needs your attention or think about to be completed tasks this week, check your emails or verify your personal finance. If you practice this , you’re the most effective planner of your time.

5)Maintain Your Energy

You can plan and prioritize your time with your tasks, but if you cannot maintain the  energy to complete them, what’s the point?If you are maintain your energy through out the day , your time management will be most effective otherwise what is the use of it. Relaxation techniques such as walking or spending time with beloved are essential to maintain the energy.

6)Increase your energy

Physical, mental, emotional, and social are all different dimensions of energy. For all of these dimensions you should strive for increasing your energy  and endurance. Endurance is the ability to maintain energy levels for longer periods of time.

example:How do you train for a marathon? You start by running 5 km, move up to a 10 km, then a half marathon. In other words, it’s a gradual increase of your endurance. Your energy functions exactly the same way. You should build increased energy capacity slowly through progressive training.Increasing your capacity for energy may take time and effort, but it is relatively straightforward.

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