Six Reasons for Procrastination


Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder – Mason Cooley

Procrastination is we are avoiding a task which needs to be fulfilled or can say doing lesser important things instead of more important one because lesser important task gives more pleasure than important task.

Here are important reasons why we procrastinate.

1. We need instant gratification:

We want instant gratification when we are doing a task. We feel gratification when checking email or Face book account instead of doing important project report needs to be done.So we are doing the tasks which deliver more happiness than doing important task.

2. Fear of the outcome:

Probably postponing to do that work since presume if doing that task we will fail or look stupid among others.Fear of failure collapsing with the mind and making not doing that task, it feel comfortable to us. We need to confront the mind to fulfill the task without any failure.


“Procrastinators are lazy”

Laziness is ‘putting off’ action and follow the attitude ‘I don’t care”. Laziness often not doing the job properly and finding loop hole or short cut to do the task in half the time.

Procrastinators have an intention to act, but they fail to act right now even though they realize that they could act now, and ultimately they choose not to act now.

We are connected with laziness and choose not to act to fulfill the designated task and substantiating the quote “Procrastination is like a credit card: It’s a lot of fun until you get the Bill”

4. We want a teacher:

When we were in school, there was a teacher to guide us to complete task. with that pressure we were pushed to complete the work.When we grown up our character was not changed and still need a teacher to fulfill each task.As an independent adult we are capable of doing things our own and we need to practice to accomplish the jobs as self motivated. If you are self motivated to accomplish the job , you don’t need to read this article.

5. Lack of motivation

If we are doing work and lack of motivation often causes procrastination.Let’s talk about tax return, It is an administrative work and we don’t like it.But if we think like this way,”a considerable amount will get as refund when we file the tax return.”When we concentrate on refund amount we will be self motivated and filed the return properly.Here we see one of the  main cause for procrastination is lack of motivation.Try to find out motivational thoughts as reward when we complete the job.

6.Lack of focus:

If we feel lack of focus to do the job, we will face lot of distractions to not complete the task. We must learn to overcome the distractions. A true example for the lack of focus is checking emails and social medias frequently even though important jobs are lying on the table to be  completed.To avoid these distractions we need to set the specific timing for emails and social medias and concentrate to your important job with proper focus.To increase more focus on your job, make a planning of your actions, break them into smaller jobs that are more easily achievable.

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