Things You Should Never Do During a Job Interview

Things you should never do during a Job Interview

Securing a job is not very easy and an interview is the important step to get the job. There are lot of mistakes interviewees make and some are absolutely worsening your interview. Here are 10 things you should not do in an interview.

1.Don’t show up unprepared

Learn about the company,their business and try to understand your job profile.Some candidates still walk into an interview without proper preparation, hiring manager does not feel good to select you.Your small research on the company will enable you for smarter answers while hiring manager ask about why you join the company or what are your contributions in the company.

2.Don’t be late

Don’t be late to your job interview. Try to arrive ten minutes early for job interview, this will give you enough time to mentally prepare for your job interview.If you are coming late for interview, it implies lack of respect and care for someone’s else time. Also you don’t arrive too early for your interview. Employer won’t entertain if you coming an hour earlier.

3.Never bad mouth your previous employer

No matter how your previous job was,you never ever badmouth your previous employer.Tell about your former employer positively,what you learned from your experience.If your former job was boring don’t say it during an interview.Stand in a neutral position about your former employer,It is best. Otherwise you will end up not getting the job.When your interviewer asks why you want to leave your current job,speak about what you expect to learn from your new job instead of commenting your dissatisfaction in your previous job.You can speak about looking for new challenges or career improvement.

If you are speaking negative about your former employer,hiring manager feel you will be negative about your next job.

4.Don’t say about Money

Don’t say about money or salary until employer satisfy with your interview performance and willing to offer the job. Your interest must be about the job and your responsibilities.  Discussion on Salary is the tricky part in the interview and have lot of chances to lose the job offer.So you need to tackle the subject salary amicably.

5.Inappropriate dressing

To get impression from hiring manager you need to follow proper dressing.Your dressing code reflect your personality and discipline.

6.Don’t be Unconfident

Sit in confident posture,make eye contact.Your demeanor, impacts your success.Taking a deep breath while you waiting to be greeted by your hiring manager will increase your confidence.Breathing is a useful tool for achieving relaxed,clear  and confident state of mind.Confident state of mind will increase your focus on questions of your interviewer and able to tell correct answers.

7.Don’t say unclear answers

When Hiring manager asking questions take your time to analyse the questions and answer properly.Don’t say unclear answers and avoid fumbling when you answer.Your goal should be responding truthfully and authentic to interview questions.

8.Don’t get too familiar

Hiring manager absolutely interested in your personal expertise and  eager to know you are capable of doing the task assigned you.He is not concerned with your family stories or events.So don’t talk too much  about your family matters.

9.Don’t sit before you invited

As a common courtesy,don’t sit before you invited . It’s good business etiquette.

10.Follow up

You should contact your Interviewer or HR Department to know the status of interview when the specified period of time has expired.You may send a thank you message to the interviewers within 24 to 48 hours of the interview.


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